Science in the Early Years

Science Bugs can provide engaging and fun workshops for Early Years settings.  Sessions are tailored specifically to the needs and abilities of the children in your setting, and we can develop workshops to fit with any theme or area of the foundation stage that you wish to explore.

Exploring scientific concepts comes naturally to small children and giving them the opportunity to engage with hands on science can give you truly fantastic observations!

Science Bugs is up to date with all the latest COVID secure guidelines and will provide you with a complete risk assessment, wipe down and clean up before and after sessions, avoid equipment sharing, and staff will wear appropriate levels of PPE.

Please see below for some examples of workshops we can provide.

Jurassic Worlds

3 - 5 years

Jurassic worlds takes our young scientists back in
time to investigate creating fossils, looking at early planet Earth, Earth structure and building
volcanoes. We will also look at some chemical
reactions when we hatch out our own baby dinosaurs!

Electrical Circuits

3 - 5 years

Building simple electrical circuits, great for hand eye coordination we will investigate complete circuits, batteries, switches and bulbs. We will also look at materials that let electricity travel and classify them as conductors. (Ideal for 3 small groups for 20mins)

Foamy Fun

2 - 5 years

This workshop is all about foam, we start with a demo of elephants toothpaste followed by making foamy dough and making pictures with foam! This is a messy science workshop and room needs to be suitable for mess making and easy clean up.

Brains, Bones, Bodies & Bogies

3 - 5 years

The human body takes our young scientists behind the scenes of how the body works, subjects
covered can include: lungs (ventilation); bones
(support and structure); blood; heart; and digestion.

Static Electricity

4 - 5 years

Plenty of science investigation and projects looking at static electricity. Hair raising fun with the van der graaf and lots of static hands on activities.

Microscopes & Microbes

3 - 5 years

We will look at microbes and using microscopes to look at everyday objects close up. We will discover plant cells and invertebrates close up and also look at microbes.


3 - 5 years

We will be using science to launch rockets,
investigate chemical reactions and forces.
One of our most popular and well loved practical
investigation. Covers ideas of chemical reactions,
forces, air. Suitable for larger groups and open

Light Fantastic

2 - 5 years

We will be looking at light in this fantastic workshop including sensory blackout tent with photosensitive drawing, reflection,
kaleidoscope building and colour mixing. (Ideal for small groups rotating activities)

Magic Rainbow Potions

2 - 5 years

This workshop looks at colour change chemical reactions. This practical is excellent for hand-to-eye coordination and problem solving. We will be looking at colours, fizzy reactions and measurement.

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