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What can Science Bugs provide for your school?

We provide after-school clubs, in-school workshops, event days and CPD training, in line with the latest COVID secure guidance, tailored to the needs of your school.

Science Clubs

* Lunch time or after school clubs

* Fun hands-on science with themes to compliment the National Curriculum

* COVID secure

CPD Training

* Training provided by Lisa - over 16 years teaching experience and a decade of providing specialist CPD

* Inspire your teaching staff to improve the science experience for all students

* Find new approaches and ideas for science teaching

* Dust off the science equipment from the back of the cupboard and learn how to put it to good use!


* Fun hands-on science with a variety of themes available (see below)

* Sessions tailored specifically to the needs and abilities of your students

* Single workshops from £65 per hour (up to 39 students or limits of bubble)

Event Days

* Book us for a whole day

* Kick off or enhance your Science Week

* You choose the subject or theme(s)

* Prices from £300 per day including 5 workshops for up to 30 students

Workshop Themes

See below for some ideas for the kind of workshops we can provide.  All workshops can be adapted to the needs and abilities of your children so do get in touch to start building your own unique package.

Foamy Fun

3-5 (EYFS)

This workshop is all about foam, we start with a demo of elephants toothpaste followed by making foamy dough and making pictures with foam! This is a messy science workshop and room needs to be suitable for mess making and easy clean up.

Bonkers Biology

Suitable for all

Looking at micro-organisms to humans, senses, perception, organs, plants, cells and much more fantastic or gruesome biology. Children use hand microscopes and iPad microscopes to look closely at micro beasts, plants and other biological material, we will make plant dye from a variety of vegetables and fruit and test out chemical mordants. We also make edible skin, test out who is a ‘super smeller’, and create edible snot!

Amazing Automobiles


Amazing Automobiles construction and wacky racer challenges, children will design and make land and air based machines for our wacky races competition. We will be learning about forces, speed, gravity and air pressure.

Jurassic Worlds


Jurassic worlds takes our young scientists back in time to investigate creating fossils, looking at early planet Earth, Earth structure and building volcanoes. We will also look at some chemical reactions when we hatch out our own baby dinosaurs!

Microbes & Microscopes

3-5 (EYFS)

We will look at microbes and using microscopes to look at everyday objects close up. We will discover plant cells and invertebrates close up and also look at microbes

Electricity & Electronics


With plenty of science investigation and projects looking at static
electricity, simple electrical circuits, building batteries and simple electronics such as torch making and building a buzz game! Covering topics - electricity, materials, chemical reactions.

Crazy Chemistry

Suitable for all

Looking at chemistry in this event we cover the following: making own synthetic pigment for paint; combustion and carbon; chemical models; states of matter; density and our favourite slime making!

Brains, Bodies & Bogies


The human body takes our young scientists behind the scenes of how the body works, subjects covered include: lungs (ventilation); bones (support and structure); the digestive system model; blood models and let’s not forget bogey slime!

Magic Rainbow Potions

3-5 (EYFS)

This workshop looks at colour change chemical reactions. This practical is excellent for hand-to-eye coordination and problem solving. We will be looking at colours, fizzy reactions and measurement.

Wild Worlds

Suitable for all

In this theme we look at extreme weather and plate tectonic natural disasters. This topic covers: Earth structure; plate tectonic modelling; building volcanos; testing out volcano mixtures; building earthquake proof towers and testing them; looking at hurricanes and tornadoes!


Suitable for all

Rockets day is filled with exciting physics and chemistry experiments which are carefully tailored to age. We will be using science to launch rockets, investigate chemical reactions, and create small explosions. Covers ideas from chemical reactions to forces, air and water pressure. (Outside space required)

Star Tours


Journey to a galaxy far far away... investigating hover boards or look at electromagnets before making your own light-sabres to take home, launching space rockets, investigating light, space and forces and space slime! Science topics covered include forces, electromagnets and electrical circuits

Science Bugs also provides workshops for Early Years settings, please click the button below for more info

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